Down Beat Record Ratings – 1970


January 8
Artist Album Rating
Adderley, Nat The Scavenger ★★★
Adderley, Nat Calling Out Loud ★★★★
Bartel, Jon The Jon Bartel Thing ★★½
Berry, Chuck Concerto in B Goode ★★½
Burrell, Dave High ★★
Donaldson, Lou Hot Dog ★½
Gothic Jazz Band Gothic Jazz Band ★★★
Lawrence, Arnie Look Toward a Dream no rating
Pearson, Duke Now Hear This ★★★
Scott, Tom Hair to Jazz ★½
Smith, Keith Keith Smith ★★★½
January 22
Artist Album Rating
Ayers, Roy Daddy Bug ★★½
Beatles, The Abbey Road ★★★★
Davis, Wild Bill Doin’ His Thing ★★½
Kirk, Roland Volunteered Slavery ★★★★★
Land, Harold The Fox ★★★★★
Marcus, Steve The Lord’s Prayer ★½
Red Beans and Rice featuring Ray Draper ★★★½
Sazbo, Gabor 1969 ★★★½
Spontaneous Combustion Come and Stick Your Head In ★★
February 5
Artist Album Rating
Collins/Shepley Galaxy Time, Space and the Blues ★★★½
Felder, Wilton Bullitt ★★
Grateful Dead, The Live/Dead ★★½
Jacquet, Illinois The Soul Explosion ★★★½
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers ★★★★
King Crimson In the Hall of the Crimson King ★★★★★
Moody, James The Blues and Other Colors ★★★★★
Steig, Jeremy This is Jeremy Steig ★★★
Tony Williams Lifetime, The Emergency! ★★★★
February 19
Artist Album Rating
Brecker, Randy Score ★★★★
Byrd, Donald Fancy Free ★★½
Chaix, Henri Here Comes the Band ★★★★
Gordon, Dexter The Tower of Power! ★★★★★
Jazz Crusaders, The Lighthouse ’69 ★½
Johnson, J.J. & Kai Winding Betwixt and Between ★★★½
Mardin, Arif Glass Onion ★★★½
McCann, Les & Eddie Harris Swiss Movement ★★
Ortega, Anthony Permutations ★★★½
Smith, Jimmy The Boss ★★★★½
March 5
Artist Album Rating
Benson, George Tell It Like It Is
Boll Weevil Jass Band A Hot Band is Good to Find ★★★½
Gale, Eddie Black Rhythm Happening ★★★½
Jolly, Pete Give a Damn ★★½
Jones, Quincy Walking in Space ★★★★½
Morello, Joe Another Step Forward ★★★
Person, Houston Soul Dance ★★★
Sullivan, Maxine & Bob Wilber Close as Pages in a Book ★★★★
Upchurch, Phil Upchurch no rating
Venuti, Joe Once More with Feeling side 1: ★★½
side 2: ★★★★
March 19
Artist Album Rating
Alexander, Monty This is Monty Alexander
Ammons, Gene The Boss is Back! ★★★★
Chicago Blue Stars Coming Home ★★★★
Corea, Chick “Is” ★★½
Higgins, Monk Extra Soul Perception
Jackson, Willis Gator’s Groove ★★½
Musselwhite, Charlie Tennessee Woman ★★
Siegel, Gene The Gene Siegel Orchestra ★★★★½
Wilson, Gerald Eternal Equinox ★★★★
Zappa, Frank Hot Rats ★★★★
April 2
Artist Album Rating
Crawford, Hank Mr Blues Plays Lady Soul no stars
Evans, Gil Gil Evans ★★★★
Fat Mattress Fat Mattress ★★★½
Herman, Woody Heavy Exposure ★★★★
Led Zeppelin II ★★★½
Love Out Here ★½
McDuff, Brother Jack Down Home Style
McGriff, Jimmy A Thing to Come By ★★
Woods, Phil Round Trip ★★★½
Zeet Band, The Moogie Woogie One Raspberry
Various Artists Swing Hi-Swing Lo ★★★★
April 16
Artist Album Rating
Blake, Ran The Blue Potato and Other Outrages ★★★★★
Ferguson, Maynard 1969 ★★★★
Haden, Charlie Liberation Music Orchestra ★★★★
Hawes, Hampton The Seance ★★★★
Konitz, Lee Sax Duets No rating
McIntyre, Maurice Humility in the Light of Creator ★★★★★
Miller, Glenn & Buddy DeFranco Do You Wanna Dance ★★★★
Richards, Emil Spirit of 1976 ★★★
Wein, George George Wein’s Newport All Stars ★★★★
April 30
Artist Album Rating
Art Ensemble of Chicago People in Sorrow ★★★★★
Fisher, Eddie The Third Cup ★★★½
Forever More Yours Forever More ★★★★★
Jordan, Clifford Soul Fountain ★½
Magic Sam Black Magic ★★★
McPartland, Marian Interplay ★★★★
Mitchell, Blue Bantu Village ★★★★ for playing
★ for album
Murray, Sunny In Paris: Big Chief no rating
Nance, Ray Body and Soul ★★★½
Robinson, Freddy The Coming Atlantis no rating
Strazzeri, Frank That’s Him and This is New ★★★★
Wright, Leo Soul Talk ★★
May 14
Artist Album Rating
Carter, Susan Wonderful Deeds and Adventures ★★★½
Gonzales, Babs The Ghettosburg Address ★★★½
Mann, Herbie Stone Flute ★★★★
Moody, James Workshop, Vol. 1 ★★★★
Otis, Shuggie Here Comes Shuggie Otis ★★★
Scott, Tom Paint Your Wagon ★★★★★
Scott, Tony Tony Scott ★★★½
Shank, Bud & Bob Alcivar Singers Let It Be ★★★★
Sharrock, Sonny Black Woman ★★★½
Tapscott, Horace The Giant is Awakened ★★½
May 28
Artist Album Rating
Adams, Pepper Encounter ★★★★½
Brown, Elaine Seize the Time – Black Panther Party no rating
Brubeck, Dave Brubeck in Amsterdam ★★★★½
Brubeck, Dave & Gerry Mulligan Blues Roots ★★★★★
GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) Permanent Damage no stars
Laidlaw, Frank & Paul Riccucci Jazz from The Stockbridge Inn ★★½
Mobley, Hank The Flip ★★★
Pink Floyd Ummagumma no rating
Thomas, Leon Spirits Known and Unknown ★★★★★
Woods, Phil Early Quintets ★★★½
June 11
Artist Album Rating
Benson, George The Other Side of Abbey Road ★★★½
Christian, Charlie Solo Flight with Benny Goodman ★★★★★
Davis, Miles Bitches Brew ★★★★★
Hancock, Herbie The Prisoner ★★★★★
Hubbard, Freddie The Black Angel ★★★★
Klemmer, John All the Children Cried ★★★★
Mayall, John The Turning Point ★½
Montgomery, Wes Eulogy ★★★★
Montgomery, Wes Greatest Hits ★★★★
June 25
Artist Album Rating
Baker, Ginger Ginger Baker’s Air Force ★★
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Deja Vu ★★★
Delaney and Bonnie and Friends On Tour ★★★★½
Ellington, Duke 70th Birthday Concert ★★★★★
Hawkins, Coleman Night Hawk ★★★★
Mothers of Invention Burnt Weeny Sandwich ★★★★★
Peterson, Oscar & Herb Ellis Hello Herbie ★★★★★
Pike, Dave The Doors of Perception ★★★½
Russell, Pee Wee Memorial Album ★★★★½
Vitous, Miroslav Infinite Search ★★★★½
Various Artists The Alto Summit ★★★★★
July 9
Artist Album Rating
Brute Force Brute Force ★★
Dorsey, Tommy The Incomparable Tommy Dorsey no rating
Family A Song for Me ★★★★
Gordon, Dexter More Power ★★★★
Jackson, Milt & Ray Brown That’s the Way It Is ★★★½
McCann, Les Comment ★★★
Nelson, Oliver Black, Brown and Beautiful ★★★★
Rich, Buddy Super Rich ★★★★
Santamaria, Mongo All Strung Out ★½
Santamaria, Mongo Feelin’ Alright ★★½
Shaw, Artie Swing with Artie Shaw ★★★★
July 23
Artist Album Rating
Booker T & the MGs McLemore Avenue ★★★
Chicago Chicago ★★★½
Hyman, Dick Concerto Electro no rating
Kloss, Eric To Hear is to See ★★★★
Murtaugh, John Blues Current ★★★★
Thorton, Clifford Freedom and Unity ★★★★
Tjader, Cal Plugs In ★★★★
August 6
Artist Album Rating
Hates, Isaac The Isaac Hayes Movement ★★★★★
Boeckman, Charlie 3 AM Jazz Clarinet ★★½
Dunbar, Aynsley Retaliation Retaliation ★★★★
Hancock, Herbie Fat Albert Rotunda ★★
Hodges, Johnny Three Shades of Blue ★★★★
Insect Trust Hoboken Saturday Night ★★★
Mangione, Gap Diana in the Autumn ★★★★
Mike Westbrook Concert Band Marching Song ★★★½
Wheeler, Clarence & The Enforcers Doin’ What We Wanna ★★★½
August 20
Artist Album Rating
Byard, Jaki Solo Piano ★★★★★
Donaldson, Lou Everything I Play is Funky none
Patton, John Accent on The Blues ★★½
Konitz, Lee Peacemeal ★★★★★
Manne, Shelly Outside ★★★★★
Newborn, Phineas, Jr. Please Send Me Someone to Love ★★★★★
Shorter, Wayne Super Nova ★★★★★
Tyner, McCoy Expansions ★★★★
Various Artists Woodstock one cosmic huzzah
September 3
Artist Album Rating
Count Basie Basie on The Beatles ★★★★½
Byas, Don & Ben Webster Don Byas Meets Ben Webster ★★★★
Clarke, Kenny & Francy Boland Let’s Face the Music ★★★★½
De Paris, Wilbur Over and Over Again ★★★★
Evans, Bill Alone ★★★★★
Hope, Elmo Trio ★★★★★
Kessel, Barney Hair is Beautiful ★★½
Kessel, Barney Feeling Free ★★★★
Sheldon, Jack The Warm World of Jack Sheldon ★★★
September 17
Artist Album Rating
Bartz, Gary NTU Troop Home! ★★★★★
Clarke, Kenny & Francy Boland Volcano ★★★★
Hill, Andrew Life Every Voice ★★★
Jones, Elvin Poly-Currents ★★★★
Mabern, Harold Workin’ and Wailin’ ★★½
Ponty, Jean-Luc King Kong ★★★★★
Severinsen, Doc Doc Severinsen’s Closet ★★★★
October 1
Artist Album Rating
Barbieri, Gato The Third World ★★★½
Beaver & Krause In a Wild Sanctuary ★★★★
Calloway, Cab Cab Calloway Classics ★★★★★
Cosby, Bill Badfoot Brown and the Bunions Bradford Funeral and Marching Band ★½
Marsh, Warne Ne Plus Ultra ★★★★½
McLaughlin, John Devotion ★★★
Rich, Buddy Keep the Customer Satisfied ★★★★
Smith, Stuff Memorial Album ★★★★½
Steig, Jeremy Legwork ★★★
Walton, Cedar Soul Cycle ★★★
Wilson, Teddy In Europe 1968 ★★★½
October 15
Artist Album Rating
Ayler, Albert Music is the Healing Force in the Universe ★½
Bartha, Andy At the Oceania Lounge ★★★
Bartha, Andy At the Moonraker Restaurant ★★★½
Bonzo Dog Band Keynsham ★★★★
Cox, Kenny & The Contemporary Jazz Quintet Multidirection ★★★
Hawkins, Coleman Think Deep ★★★★½
McPherson, Charles McPherson’s Mood no rating
Simmons, Sonny Rumasuma ★★
Stitt, Sonny Stardust ★★★
October 29
Artist Album Rating
Smith, Bessie The World’s Greatest Blues Singer ★★★★★
Brown, Clifford The Clifford Brown Quartet in Paris ★★★★★
Coleman, Ornette Friends and Neighbors ★★★½
Coltrane, John Selflessness ★★★½
Farlow, Tal The Return of Tal Farlow ★★★★
Grand Funk Railroad Closer to Home zilch
King, B.B. Completely Well ★★★
Lawrence, Arnie and the Children of All Ages Inside and Hourglass no rating
Teagarden, Jack In Concert ★★★★½
Various Artists The Naked Carmen one electric castanet
Woods, Phil Phil Woods and His European Rhythm Machines at the Montreaux Jazz Festival ★★★★★
November 12
Artist Album Rating
Berger, Karl Tune In ★★½
Duke, George Save the Country ★★★½
Pearson, Duke How Insensitive ★★★½
Ewell, Don Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon ★★★★★
Franklin, Aretha Spirit in the Dark ★★★★★
Gordon, Dexter A Day in Copenhagen ★★★½
Lewis, George Memorial Album ★★★★
Lloyd, Charles Moon Man
Mohawk, Essra Primordial Lovers ★★★★★
Murphy, Mark Midnight Mood ★★★★
Smith, Jimmy Groove Drops ★★
Winters, Smiley Smiley, Etc. ★★
November 26
Artist Album Rating
Ellis, Don At Fillmore ★★★★
Freeman, Bud The Compleat Bud Freeman ★★★★
Frishberg, Dave Oklahoma Toad ★★★★
Harris, Barry Magnificent ★★★★★
Jones, Quincy Gula Matari ★★★
Mason, Dave Alone Together ★★★★★
Pearson, Duke Dedication ★★★★
Ted Shafer’s Jelly Roll Jazz Band Old Jazz, Vol. 1 ★★½
Ted Shafer’s Jelly Roll Jazz Band Old Jazz, Vol. 2 ★★★
Ted Shafer’s Jelly Roll Jazz Band Old Jazz, Vol. 3 ★★★★
Winter, Edgar Entrance ★★★★
December 10
Artist Album Rating
Bryant, Ray MCMLXX ★★★
Mance, Junior With a Lotta Help From My Friends ★★★½
Dash, Julian A Portrait of Julian Dash ★★★★½
Hawes, Hampton In Europe 1967 ★★★★
Jamal, Ahmad The Awakening ★★★★
Lewis, Ramsey Them Changes ★★½
Jazz Crusaders, The The Best of the Jazz Crusaders no stars
Jazz Crusaders, The Give Peace a Chance ★★★
Mann, Herbie Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty ★★★
Mothers of Invention, The Weasels Ripped My Flesh ★★★★★
Tate, Grady After the Long Ride Home ★★★
Original Tuxedo “Jass” Band The Original Tuxedo “Jass” Band ★★★
December 24
Artist Album Rating
Coltrane, John Transition ★★★★½
Armstrong, Louis Louis Armstrong and His Friends ★★★★
Armstrong, Louis The Definitive Album ★★★★
Baker, Chet Blood, Chet and Tears
Cactus Cactus one gila monster
Desmond, Paul Bridge Over Troubled Water ★★★★★
Ellington, Duke With the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra ★★★
Hawes, Hampton High in the Sky ★★★★★
Smith, Lonnie Drives ★★★★½
Williams, Tony The Tony Williams Lifetime ★★★★½

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